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Rainbow Mushroom Sherpa Blanket

Rainbow Mushroom Sherpa Blanket

Dive into a vibrant world of color and comfort with our Rainbow Mushroom Sherpa Blanket. Designed for the dreamers and psychonauts alike, this blanket is your perfect companion for every trip, whether you're exploring the outer limits of your consciousness or just curling up at home.  Our ultra-soft sherpa fleece is like a warm hug from the universe, wrapping you in unparalleled comfort as you drift into your psychedelic journeys. 

Generously sized for sharing or indulging in your own serene space, this blanket is not only a gateway to dreamland but also a striking piece of art. It’s ideal for enhancing your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want to add a splash of color and a touch of the mystical.

Whether you're settling in for a night of profound movies, heading out for a festival evening under the stars, or gifting something special to a fellow psychonaut, the Rainbow Mushroom Sherpa Blanket is designed to delight and warm the soul.

(Blank product components sourced from Columbia)
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